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New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors was established to provide quality Christian education, training and guidance for all people who are seeking to serve communities and churches as licensed and/or professional Christian Counselors.

New Direction Academy Program goes beyond educating and training a person to become a licensed or professional Christian Counselor: “We train on how to become an effective Christian counselor. Many who seek our school for training may come looking for a degree, but may not have the knowledge or understanding of the concepts or understand the importance of Christian Counseling.

New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors is available to assist you in every area that God has called you to fulfill that which God has placed on your life. If you have questions please feel free to contact us, 904-534-0298 or email

It's your call and your future!

It's your call and your future! Call today for more information and register
for a 50% discount on your first class effective until January 31, 2017


We provide quality training and education for Pastors, Christian leaders, community leaders and work force managers who feel the call to help those who are hurting and seeking God for refugee and strength. Often good workers are those who understand life demands and work through them. We strive for results with more than a long-range effect, but with a future of healing, growth and happiness. We are dedicated to training those who want to reach the highest level in helping those who are striving for a life of love and balance with Christ and with mankind.

Affiliated with the National Christian Counselors Association