Our Services

Designed to meet the needs of "Today's Family"

 “New Direction Christian Counseling Center “- Men, Women, Youth, Seniors, Leaders

Supporting and assisting individuals to find “Life’s Balance” and understand the plan God has for your life and happiness. We work together to find the balance God has for you. 

“New Direction Academy Training Christian Counselors” - Men, Women 18 up

Training Christian Counselors to support today's families" – Classroom, on line or at home study program. Receive your Certification, License or up to a PhD with your training, life experiences, knowledge, skills and call to help others.

“Mentoring Women in Leadership Program”. You believe you have the “Call” and want to proceed or you are not sure of your “Call”. Well we can help as you search yourself and seek God’s guidance and direction.

“New Direction Devotional Bible Study” "Women Only"
Women supporting women with leadership and guidance to understand the Word of God as He speaks to them.

“TEENS TALKING” - Youth 12 – 18  - Counseling Programs to give youth courage and instruction as they listen to God’s plan for their lives.

Why Christian Counseling?

In Temperament Counseling, we learn what makes people act the way they do and how to prepare skills and tools for having good relationships. Certificate or degree programs available for those God calls for this good work. If you are ready to help those in need and equip yourself with quality training to provide quality service. Please call 757-513-6717.

Types of Counseling Programs


One-on-one counseling which focuses on emotional cognitive and spiritual problems with special attention given to one's relations with self. Attention given to identity, and self- esteem as well as the quality and functions in relating to God and others around you.


How to build lasting relationships that will endure time and how to note the bad areas and avoid patterns of behavior that will bring on tense situations, that can make them unhappy. It is important for couples to understand how to work as individuals, which can affect how they work well as a couple.


Parents often need help in parenting, developing confidence and leadership skills to create a solid sense of family. Many families are struggling with the task of rearing children today. Christian family counseling can help take the guesswork out of creating a solid family foundation.


Group Counseling is a powerful approach in helping counselees work out problems relating to others whether it is family, co-workers or friends by building a foundation of community, unity and team-work.

Specialty Areas

Phone counseling services

Phone counseling services are now available. Must have access to a computer for sessions - Call 757-513-6717 for further information.

Affiliated with the National Christian Counselors Association