About Us

New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors

"New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors" was established to provide quality Christian education, training and guidance for all people who are seeking to serve the community, Christian schools, or churches as a Licensed Professional Christian Counselor.

"New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors" goes beyond educating and training a person to become a Licensed or Professional Christian Counselor: "We teach you how to become an effective Christian counselor. Many who seek our school for training, may come looking for a degree, or may not have the knowledge or understanding of the concepts in effective Christian Counseling.

If you are answering your hearts call and seeking God's guidance are standing on the threshold of one of the greatest educational and training resource programs.  New Direction Academy for Christian Counselors is available to assist you in every area that God has called you to fulfill and answer the call God has placed on your life. Call today and begin your "New Direction". "The Harvest is plentiful but the Labors are few". Call today 757-513-6717

Rev. Dr. Jeanette M. Graham, PhD, Clinical Christian Psychologist

Affiliated with the National Christian Counselors Association